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Rambo’s Cinco de Mayo Dog Party BLOOPERS!

happy cinco de mayo! also known as national baconrita day πŸ˜‰ i celebrated with my bff orso and got a little wasty-facey on some non-alcoholic beverages πŸ™‚ whenever orso and i get together, our humans like to take pictures of us so we can share a behind-the-scenes look at our shenanigans with our followers. it never fails that most of our pictures are super goofy, and not at all β€œinstagram-worthy.” but i happen to prefer the goofy photos over the “normal” ones, so here are some of my favorite blooper pics of me and orso taken during our festive cinco de mayo dog party in the backyard! 

Take 1: Orso, you’re looking in the wrong direction.


dude, the camera is over there.

Take 2: we like to PURPOSEFULLY ignore our humans’ requests to look at the camera (until they give us better treats).


nope, we’re not lookin’. not until you “pay” us in crispy bacon and a whole rotisserie chicken from the deli counter at publix.

Take 3: and sometimes, even when the photo shoot is in progress, you’re still not 100% sure about your outfit.


“are you suuureee this hat looks okay on me? okay, if you say so…” – orso

Take 4: Wait, hold on, we weren’t ready!


there are about 2.3 seconds between the moment those hats are placed on our heads and when we knock them off. you have to be fast if you want to get a picture…but not too fast!

Take 5: Rams, you smell really good. Did you put on some eau de pup-fume today?


no, but i did roll in a pile of something stinky earlier today. maybe that’s what you’re smelling?

Take 6: when your bff smiles adorably for the camera, but you’re sooo over this whole picture thing you only do a half smile, which makes your teeth look too big for your mouth.


sometimes i forget about how big my teefs are. and sometimes i don’t forget, i just wanna ruin a cute picture.#muwahaha

Take 7: we had to take some solo shots of orso because i got a little cranky and needed to be consoled with a baconrita.


being a dog model is hard work. especially when you’re wearing a mustache, balancing a sombrero on your head, and trying to resist slurping up the baconrita that’s sitting in front of you.

take 8: finally a good shot! I think i’ll use this for my dating profile on


“heeeyyy ladies, wanna take me on a date? if you like guys that drool, poop in the yard, and eat off the floor, i’m your guy!” -my dating profile.

Take 9: looks like the ninth time’s a charm…at least when it comes to photo shoots with my bff orso πŸ˜‰


sometimes you have to take a ton of goofy pics to get one paw-fect one πŸ™‚

happy cinco de mayo everyone!

p.s. thanks wayfair for the new baconrita pitcher and glasses! now we don’t have to drink our beverages out of dog bowls anymore πŸ™‚

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