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Rambo and Fifi’s Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Bloopers

you guys know that we love to take photos for just about every holiday, especially if it involves dressing up or decorating with a fun theme. last week we took some fun valentine’s day photos and per usual, we ended up with more bloopers than “good” shots for our posts. but who doesn’t love a blooper?! here are some of my – rambo’s human – favorites from the photo shoot:

i was trying to get him to hold a rose in his mouth for a photo. he can do the trick just fine, but for some reason, he’s “trained himself” to drop it when he hears the camera shutter click. this means we end up with a lot of these, ahem, “action shots.”

“oh whoops was that too soon, mom?” πŸ˜†

i love how he looks completely unbothered in this photo πŸ˜‚

okay so this isn’t really a “blooper” so much as a photo of fifi where it looks like she is plotting world domination 🀣

in this photo, i imagine fifi is in the middle of deciding whether or not this whole photo shoot thing is actually worth it, and rambo is thinking “why oh why do i have to sit so close next to my sister? we’re not even related!” 🀣

sort of looks like fifi said, “fine, i WON’T sit next to you then! you smell like cheese anyway.” and rambo retorted, “well cheese is awesome and so am i.” πŸ˜‚

this one makes me giggle 🀣 because rambo just looks THRILLED to be here, while fifi is thinking about pooing in my master bedroom closet after this in retaliation. πŸ˜‘