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#TBT: Rambo the Puppy’s First Day Home!

here’s the story of…

The day the human brought me home (and our lives changed forever!)

the day the human brought me – sir rambo the puppy, king of bacon treats and snuggles – home i was only 10 weeks old. just a little puff of fluff!
she wasn’t looking for a dog that day, but she always liked playing with her friends dogs and dog sitting whenever they needed her to.


yep, totally irresistible since day one.

…and it’s safe to say that once she saw me, she fell in puppy love.


“i think i ruv you, please never leave me?”

but i didn’t go home with her that day. noooo, she had to “sleep on it” before she made such a big decision. but i knew that she was the one for me and that she would come back to take me home.

so i waited. 
and waited. 
and waited.
and waited some more.
and i didn’t think she was coming back! 

Going To My New Home

she did come back for me! it was only 24 hours, but it felt like 24 million years.

she already had a bed, some toys, and puppy chow for me in the car. she put me in the seat next to her on my new bed, and we drove away.

i had never been in a car before, and i was really nervous. so i immediately started tearing up my new bed (what else would a puppy do in a situation like that?).
this kind of freaked her out because i was kind of acting like a crazy guy. for a second she thought about turning around to take me back, but she didn’t. #Phew

she kept driving, until we arrived at my new home.

Rambo’s New Home

when we got there, she gave me a new toy to play with.

i never had a toy to play with before. it was AWESOME!
i was just a little ball of brown fluff. and teeth. #Cheeeseee!

Rambo’s First Night in his new place

…but that night, i cried and cried and cried.
i was so loud that i kept my human up all night.

i was scared. i didn’t know where i was. even though it was better than where i was before, i didn’t recognize any of the smells or the sounds. 

my human tried to comfort me, but i just kept crying. 🙁 

so she went to bed and slept with a pillow over her head and wondered what the heck she got herself into. 

…and i finally went to sleep. at like, 5am. right before she had to get up to get ready for work.

Rambo’s First (full) Day with his new human

the next day, she took me to the park (even though she felt like she was sleep walking!). it was the first time i had ever played in the grass in my life.


 i’d never walked through a jungle before, but i was pretty sure this was what it would be like.
…and i loved EVERY SECOND of it! 
i mean, have you ever seen a puppy experience grass for the first time?

it kinda looks like this.

life was great!

this is the first picture my human ever took of my “happy face” that everyone loves so much.


it was the truth. i was finally happy.

because i was finally home. <3 


rambo the puppy originally published this in october of 2013, but he’s updated it with new comments, photos and puppy memories. we hope you enjoyed the post! 


want to find out how i got the name rambo? check out this post on my blog!

i'm just a lil' puppy livin' in a big bad world :)


  • helga covert

    And a star was born!!!!
    Tell me the story when she named you Rambo, pleeez?!
    I bet she didn’t realize that you were going to be cuter every day, hm? and soooo smart!

  • Alice Alt

    Rambo, you remind me of our little dog Bea’s story. She was four years old the day we met her at the Ft. Wayne Indiana Animal Shelter. She had been an owner surrender. We had gone to the Shelter to meet out son’s new dog, a yellow lab named Rango. He had to stay at the shelter until he had been spayed. As we walked down the hallway we saw this cute little Shih tzu curled up her little bed. It was love at first sight. We gave her a cuddle but the rules of the shelter was a 24 hour waiting period. So we had to leave her there until the next day. We came back the next day with a carrier, a bed, toys, a leash and food. Since we are from Michigan Bea ( that was her original name and is still her nickname. We named her Princess Beatrice) met all her furry cousins and had a big Thanksgiving in Indianapolis. She just spent the week with Rango who came to visit because our son was on vacation in California.
    Her first time in our backyard she didn’t know what to do. We quickly learned that she preferred a morning walk to ” do her business” and thus came the tradition of a walk in the morning and another in the evening. She has lived with us for two years now and as Thanksgiving comes we give thanks for that visit to the Ft. Wayne Animal Shelter. She will again be celebrating Thanksgiving with her furry cousins in Indianapolis, IN.

    • rambothepuppy

      what a lovely story. thank you so much for sharing, this warms my heart!!! hope you guys have an awesome thanksgiving together 🙂

  • tania

    I love to see you baby Ram! I follow in love with you since the first time I see you , and i love you more and more! Too cute little baby Rambo! Xoxo

  • helga covert

    sooooo beautiful! lil lumpi fluffi looks like a lil bird that fell out of the nest, lol, I cant thank ur human enuf 4 all the great pix and comments, both of u r such stars in my world and of course Elmos world too, I read the story to him while he sat in my lap looking at the pix, he said thanx, woof woof!
    Helga and Elmo

      • Helga

        Elmo and I luv u so much, lil lumpi fluffi Rambo!!! I go to facebook primarily for you! You are more interesting with your adventures (cooking, doing laundry, getting on the school bus, riding in your red car, going to broccoli mountain, riding your skateboard, etc etc etc!) and your super outfits just blow me away, I don’t show those pics to Elmo or he would want the same, hahaha! Luv my mousepad and the calendar too! Thanks for all the hard work you both put into all of it, you make sooooo many people happy!

  • Estelle Brown

    Rambo you were an adorable little puppy no wonder your human Mum loves you so much. You have grown into a lovely Dog and I love to read all about you every day and to see what adorable outfit you will be wearing and what mischief you have been into. You are now quite a Star loved by so many.

    Cheers until tomorrow.

  • maria ford

    OMG Rams what a wonderful Happy and Sad story, only wish all Animals was loved and cared for like you, and my Baby, you were and still is a handsome Pawfect doggie, LOVE YOU SO MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Tamara and Houdini

    Yes !!!! Rams I love this . You and your human ?❤️?❤️?❤️??❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️????????