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PawSpa PetJet: My New Doggie Bath Time Secret!

 i. hate. baths. they are wet, soapy, and make me smell like flowers. *gag* and after a bath, she insists on blowing my fur around with a loud hot air blower-thing. it’s just HORRIBLE. and don’t even TALK to me about all the brushing that goes on during the whole process.
the. absolute. WORST. times a million.
 no pictures please. i’m nakies. 
but unfortunately for me, baths are a “necessary” evil (according to my human). because if i want to stay fresh, fancy, and supa’ dupa’ fly, i need to take a bath once in awhile.
so whenever i find something that helps speed up the whole bath time process, i’m all for it! and so is the human, because as much as i hate bath time, she hates it even more, because whatever she’s wearing at the time usually gets totally soaked, and doggie shampoo somehow ends up in her eyes. #SorryNotSorry
…oh, and there was this one time when i splashed SO much water out of the tub that it leaked through the floor and left a stain on the ceiling downstairs…#Oops…

Knock Knock. Who’s there? PawSpa Petjet! …Uh, What the pup is that?!

last month, the humans at oxygenics sent me an email asking if i’d like to try out a PawSpa PetJet, one of their newest paw-ducts.
“what the pup is that?! ” i wanted to know. so they sent me one to try out. (being fresh, fancy, and supa’ dupa’ fly comes with some major perks!)
turns out, a PawSpa PetJet is a water-spraying device that attaches to your shower head and helps makes doggie bath time a lot easier (especially for wiggle-prone pups like me). unfortunately, it does not help make bath time less wet. #Hmph
hmmm…what is this? could it be the automated belly-scratcher i’ve been hoping for? oh boy! 
after trying out my PawSpa PetJet for the first time, i found that – gasp – it actually helps decrease the amount of time i spend in the tub by like a gazillion percent. #OMG ok, more like ten minutes, but that’s ten minutes of “torture” that i no longer have to endure!!!
before, she used a big plastic cup to soak me with water and then rinse me off after she scrubbed me squeaky clean. and let me tell you, that process took forever. mostly because i became REALLY GOOD at avoiding 95% of the water she dumped on my head.
 hmmm, let’s get a closer look.
my PawSpa PetJet has a comfort-control feature that decreases the water pressure to a soft spray, which is pawfect for dogs like me that HATE sudden blasts of water (terrifying!).
 uhhh, now i’m pretty sure that isn’t an automated belly rub machine. 
it also has these little nubbie-things that spray water that you can use to massage your pet while in the bath. i almost like it, but since water is involved, i don’t, really. but it does help my human get me squeaky clean in all those hard-to-reach places 🙂
this water tastes like…water. why can’t it taste like a baconrita? i would be okay with bath time if that was the case. 
it was really easy to install, too. all i had to do was sit there and watch the human read directions and screw stuff onto the shower head – easiest thing i did all day! 🙂 she liked that she didn’t need to use tools to install it, because we don’t know where ours are right now (pretty sure they’re somewhere in the garage…maybe).
this is the face of a dog that does NOT under any circumstances want to get wet OR wear a shower cap and pose for a picture. #DO. #NOT. #WANT.
even though this blog post was sponsored by oxygenics, i only review and promote products i actually use and like. i would never ever ever ever ever ever share a product with you (my pawsome fans!) that i didn’t actually believe in. i PAWMISE. 🙂
we’ve used it a few times so far, and the human LOVES our PawSpa PetJet. she had been looking around for something similar for some time, but everything she found was expensive or hard to set up.
 hallppp meee! i got water in my eyes! i can’t see! i’m blind! i’m dying! 
 me? well, i won’t actually ADMIT to liking my PawSpa PetJet, because using it = bath time. but between you and me, it’s not so bad. and since it helps get me out of the water and into a warm towel faster, i guess it can stick around. for now 😉
_ _ _
this post was sponsored by the awesome humans at oxygenics! learn more about oxygenics by following them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page. tell ’em rambo sent ya 😉

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  • Sharon Sloane

    Anything that makes bath time easier for you and Mommy gets an A+ Sounds like it might even be a little fun!

  • maria ford

    it really do sound Pawsome Rams, i def have got to have one, and as you said your human didn’t find it expensive, that sounds good to me, and i am sure Baby will love it if it is going to get her into a nice warm towel quickly… thank you XX

  • Carole

    Wowzie Rambo I hate to admit it to but it. Sure looks pawsome oops don’t tell de humans no mees no like de bath time eber grr well not Bery much mees no like getting wet but mees doos like getting all snuggle up in de nice warm bath towel afterwards den when’s mees all nice and dry and brushed de human mummy gives mees bacon and chicken treats yum yum does youz human mummy do dat after youz bath Rambo?Oops don’t tell de humans anyway sweet heart where does a pups human mummy buy one of des fings mees lib in Australia mees hopes youz Hab a pawsome weekend Rambo Lubs Lady Grace ??????????????????

  • helga covert

    sounds awesome,! lil lumpi fluffi approves, that means a lot to Elmo and me, thank you human for writing the pawsome article, lol