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    Rambo’s Pet-Friendly Trip to Camden, Maine

    i’m in maine right now, and we’ve been here for about a month, riding out the COVID19 storm from my grandhumans’ cabin on the lake. (yay! and extended vacation for me! too bad the human still has to work remotely LOL) last weekend the humand and i hopped in the car and headed to a small town on the coast called camden. social distancing while at the lake (which is, like, in the middle of the woods) has made the human antsy as pup, so it was good to get out and have a change of scenery (even though we still practiced social distancing the whole time!). we partnered with…

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    Rambo’s Pet Friendly NYC Adventure

    i had so much fun on my pet friendly NYC trip earlier this month! i stayed in a fancy hotel a few blocks from central bark, met up with some of my doggie friends for a TV interview, posed for a photographer during a photoshoot, and explored many of the very smelly city streets 🙂 here are a few of my favorite moments from my trip! exploring the city on one of the only days it DIDN’T rain, i had fun posing next to statues and sniffing stinky building corners. too bad i forgot to bring my favorite red sunglasses. #SquintyEyedRams so the rest of the time it rained. it…