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Rambo’s Pet Friendly NYC Adventure

i had so much fun on my pet friendly NYC trip earlier this month! i stayed in a fancy hotel a few blocks from central bark, met up with some of my doggie friends for a TV interview, posed for a photographer during a photoshoot, and explored many of the very smelly city streets 🙂

here are a few of my favorite moments from my trip!

exploring the city


on one of the only days it DIDN’T rain, i had fun posing next to statues and sniffing stinky building corners. too bad i forgot to bring my favorite red sunglasses. #SquintyEyedRams


so the rest of the time it rained. it poured! but after the rain passed, we went out to explore central bark. even though i was all suited up in my full-body rain coat, i still got wet. and muddy. and stinky. sooooo stinky! and everyone we passed pointed  and giggled. guess they’ve never seen such an adorable pup in a rain coat and wearing a red bowtie before.

p.s. she tried to get me to wear booties, but i refused to take a step until she took them off. #StubbornAsPup

p.p.s. when she finally took my raincoat off, my cuffs were caked in mud and nyc gunk. yuuuck!


the buildings are so tall in nyc, they get lost up in the clouds!


YOU DID THIS TO ME. you, and the silly rain, and these stinky, muddy streets. hurry, someone take me inside and gimme a hot toddy!

chillaxing in the hotel

after we explored central bark, she brought me back to the hotel and gave me a hot bath. it was awful. but most baths are.


we stayed at the viceroy central park, which is a pet friendly hotel that loooooveeesss their furry guests!

they gave me a free 3-night stay in exchange for posting about my stay at their hotel on instagram. 🙂

they also surprised me with a bunch of toys and treats!

i look a little stoic in this ^ pic, but it’s only because she’s telling me to “waaiiiitttt” so she could take the picture before i dove into my goodies.


the next day we woke up and discovered it was raining…again!


…so we ordered some brunch!

eggs benedict with smoked salmon, to be exact. and yes, i got a little bite of salmon (yum!)

side note: has anyone else noticed that smoked salmon is on almost every brunch menu in nyc?


and later that day, we ordered a biiiig pizza and ate it in our room while watching a house hunters marathon on hgtv. #ThePawfectNightIn

(and yeah, okay, this picture stinks. but that’s mostly because there was PIZZA in front of me and i was about .02 seconds from lunging into the middle of the pie to get my fair share!)

a photoshoot starring…meee!


i was invited by the viceroy central park to do a photoshoot for the hotel! #SoFancy

the pictures will appear on their website and social media pages! #SoNeat

it was tons of fun, because i got a gazillion treats and belly rubs, and everyone kept saying how i was so well behaved. ha! if they only knew that i tried to eat a sock the night before…

here are some of the pictures that rina, our very talented photographer, took of me in and around the hotel:


“oh yes, i woke up like this. why do you ask?”


behind-the-scenes: putting on my ducky robe, and looking pretty happy about it.


why is it that when dogs yawn, it’s cute – but when a human yawns, they usually get like 4 extra chins and do a weird squinchy thing with their nose?


this is me, behaving REALLY WELL when confronted with a delicious spread of food…


and this is me, literally .3 seconds before i grabbed that ENTIRE SAUSAGE and ran away into the other room with it clenched between my teeny teefs.

(the human was able to wrestle some of it away from me, but in the end i ate about 3/4 of the sausage…and DANG was it guuuuuud!)


me, post-sausage stealing/eating.

ahhh, life is great 🙂


not gonna lie, i love a pet friendly nyc hotel that treats their pets like royalty!

also, aren’t these toys the cutest!?! (these are some of the goodies the hotel gave me in my welcome basket)

p.s. i tried to use the metrocard to ride the subway, but it was rejected…gonna have to talk to management about that.


“if you have any other breakfast noms to share, i’d be happy to take them off your hands! no? ahhh shucks.”


“did someone say ‘let’s go outside?’ as long as you don’t say ‘it’s raining’ in the same sentence.”


my favorite thing to do is sit out front (under the hotel entryway, since it was raining most of the time we were there) and people watch. and dog watch. and car watch. and pizza delivery guy watch. and…


and then we headed up to the rooftop bar, and i ordered a bacontini.

jk. it was just ginger ale in my glass. because it was, like, 8 o’clock in the morning. 😉


thinking about the sausage i ate earlier. wishing i had another sausage, tbh.

our photographer rina is super talented! take a peek at her instagram 🙂

instagram dog pawty at the dog agency!

left to right: maxine, mochie, me!

on our last day in nyc, i met up with some of my insta-famous dog pals at The Dog Agency (TDA) headquarters!

TDA is my talent management agency –


– and they invited me into the pawffice to do some tv interviews with two international media companies!

left to right: maxine, mochi, me!

the camera men loved filming shots of me and my pup pals hanging out and doing what we do best: looking amazing, dur.

louboutina the hugging pup!

this ^ is loubie the hugging dog! she goes around nyc spreading joy by hugging people. literally. #Pawsome

left to right: maxine, mochi, me 🙂

mochi is literally 6lbs of fluff. and you should see her wardrobe! it rivals mine, and i thought that *i* had a lot of clothes!


me practicing what i’ll do when the tv reporters interview me. #ThisIsNormalLookingRight?

me and lil’ mochi

i’m really feelin’ mochi 😉 but i don’t think she’s feelin’ me…

me with 1/2 of @thelilgremlins!

in the afternoon, tansy and cora (of @thelilgremlins) came into the office to join us for the second TV interview. they’re TINY. tansy is 1lb, and cora is 2lbs. i am literally 12x the weight of tansy and 6x the weight of cora. #FattyPantsRams


follow maxine the corgi at @madmax_fluffyroad 

follow mochi the teensy maltese at @mochiandthecity

follow loubie the golden at  @louboutinanyc

follow tansy and cora at @thelilgremlins

bye bye nyc…for now!


it wasn’t long until we were in an uber heading back to the jfk airport after a whirlwind weekend in nyc!

until next time, mis amigos 🙂



major thanks to the viceroy central park hotel for giving me a free 3-night stay in exchange for a few sponsored posts on my instagram! i had an amazing time, and i can’t wait to come back to visit again!

i'm just a lil' puppy livin' in a big bad world :)


  • wanda burns

    Enjoyed your pictures and journey… Missy (my fur baby maltese) and her Mommy.
    Have a wonderful memorial day..

  • Jo Jones

    I’m. So happy Rams, that you enjoy your trip to NYC and the place you stayed was so good to you and your friends and your Human Momma.
    The food look so delishes, the pictures were so nice I couldn’t just pick out one .
    But I love you in you jean jacket and red sunglasses, but I do say your Duckey rob was relay a good one .
    You were a clean happy pup .
    Rams if I ever go to NYC I would stay at your Hotel with Baby Sissy, because they were so nice to you and your new Freinds pups .

  • Brenda Wallace

    Rams, looks like you and your human had a blast. I LOVE ‘New York. Hop noun andnyour human lives ve it too and looks lik mouth two had an amazing time. Like be your photos little buddy. And love you too!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sharon Martin

    So Awesome Rams! What a “Wonderful Reprieve” in NYC for You & your Mom! Loved your view from “The Viceroy Central Park Hotel “ & all of the places you visited. Love all your “Paw Pals” too! Your looking “Mighty Dapper” in all of your Beautiful Outfits! Enjoyed all of your Lovely Photos so very much . Thanks for sharing Rams…Your #?in my book❣️❤️??????❤️

  • Carolyn Emole


    I came across your post about All Purpose dog food. Are you still eating it? Do you still love it Rambo?
    Looking forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you!