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    Rambo and Fifi’s Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Bloopers

    you guys know that we love to take photos for just about every holiday, especially if it involves dressing up or decorating with a fun theme. last week we took some fun valentine’s day photos and per usual, we ended up with more bloopers than “good” shots for our posts. but who doesn’t love a blooper?! here are some of my – rambo’s human – favorites from the photo shoot: i was trying to get him to hold a rose in his mouth for a photo. he can do the trick just fine, but for some reason, he’s “trained himself” to drop it when he hears the camera shutter click.…

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    Introducing Fifi McFluffyPants!

    have you heard? we adopted a cat! her name is fifi mcfluffypants (or, feefs for short) and she’s pretty darn cute. she’s an almost-two-year-old cross-eyed siamese mix who has a passion for fashion (especially anything cashmere), catnip, and “being fabulous.” she’s great at playing fetch (especially with rolled up balls of tinfoil!), and loves doing kitty parkour with me in the morning (also known as tag, you’re it!). when we first brought her home, we were just planning on fostering her. she was very, very sick, and there were a few times when the human couldn’t imagine ever keeping her (like, that time when she had a literal poo explosion…