Rambo the Puppy’s Summer 2016 Blooper Reel

Rambo the Puppy’s Summer 2016 Blooper Reel

there’s nothing i love more than a good blooper reel. and when it comes to taking photos for my facebook page and instagram account, you might be surprised to find out that the majority of the pictures i take are *cough cough* “not good.” some may call them “bad.” or maybe even “a waste of valuable space” on your phone’s internal storage (especially if you’re like my human, and have over 60GB of dog photos ALREADY on your phone…).

but not me. i call my blooper pics “awesome!” because they’re usually hilarious. even if they’re not “instagram worthy” they’re usually worthy of a good laugh or two. so today i’m sharing some of my favorite blooper pics taken this summer. promise to laugh WITH me, rather than AT me, kay? 😉

1.the “uh-oh, think i’ve had too many baconritas and it’s not even 8pm yet” face.


2.the “bleh, not gonna lie, but this shampoo is NOT tasty, in case you were wondering” face.


3.the “if you post this on facebook, i will have no choice but to poo in your shoe” face.


4. the “OMG orso just farted and it stinks so bad” face.


5. the “i’m trying to look tough and convince the ladies that i work out, except i can’t even keep my eyes open for a dang picture” face.


6.the “awww what the pup, my puppuccino cup just tipped over. it’s times like these when i really wish i had thumbs” face.


7. the “who cares if she’s trying to take our picture, let’s sing her the song of our people instead! woof woof…” face.


8. the “he’s totally behind me, licking my cake, isn’t he?” face.


9.the “but i don’t wanna pose for pictures in this stupid outfit. and last time i checked, you’re not the boss of me” face.


and finally…

10. the “i have no idea what i’m doing, so i’m just gonna sit here and look cute, duh-hur duh-hur” face.


i hope you enjoyed these goofy bloopers as much as i enjoyed annoying the crap out of my human by refusing to pose pawfectly for the camera while making them. a picture is worth a thousand words, but a blooper picture is worth…a million bacon treats. yep. so guess since i showed you 10 blooper pics today, you owe me…oh…wait…yep. ten million bacon treats. 🙂

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